June 29, 2015

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welcome to the world of doug! here you’ll find pretty much everything i’ve done in the last couple decades.

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quite simply, this is what I’ve been up to…

dougxwingicon DOUG BUILDS STAR WARS!! – in progress
After a few years of prepping, measuring, praying, kicking and screaming… I’m about to begin on the most difficult, challenging and adventurous project in my life as an artist….

 SPORE Project  – ongoing
for the past several years, individuals, classrooms and organizations around the world, have constructed and planted thousands and thousands and thousands of paper bag mushrooms in support of creativity and art education! help us out this spring as we continue to spread the project even further!

ukraineicon the SPORE Project goes to Ukraine
This summer, the SPORE Project is going to Ukraine to participate in summer camps for orphaned children.

50kicon 50,000th paper bag mushroom – apr 28th, 2013
since 1999, I have been making and installing  mushrooms made from paper lunch lunch bags. on march 28, 2013 i created my 50,000th paper bag mushroom LIVE on stage.

dougicon thedailycity.com cardboard art festival – jan 25th – 27th, 2013
7 artists create a weekend of cardboard creations, food, music, entertainment and complete mayhem!

frank2 return of frankenshow – oct 5th, 2012
after 11 years in storage, the award winning frankenshow is back with all your frankenfavorites: frankencork, frankenpants, and the lovable, grotesque frankenpuppet!

 the brood – apr 5th, 2012
an installation at inyo pools headquarters of 100 or so large, fish made from discarded parts and pieces. i rented the tallest ladder in the world to do the job.

 20′ mobile for osc – feb 29th, 2012
one extra large mobile built completely from discarded cardboard on permanent display of the orlando science center.

 an infestation – feb 17th, 2012
doug rhodehamel and les jarvela create a peep show showcasing floating glowing mess of ghost-like entities for rob reedy’s birthday.

 blump – jan 13,  2012
maitland art center’s ‘culture & cocktails featured my latest installation, BLUMP… part jellyfish, part blimp, part glowing, part large, completely wonderful.

 peace fish series
18 years of fish ornaments!

 BACON! The Experience – oct 15th, 2012
a celebration of the most magical food ever invented! BACON! The Experience will tickle, tantalize and overload every one of your bacon sensory organs!

 AQUAPODICA – Summer 2011
 immerse yourself in a pool of glowing jellyfish. this installation is created entirely of recycled materials. i have saved the environment again.

50 states in america, you might live in one of them. do your part as an american and plant a nice crop of paper bag mushrooms all in support of art education and creativity! 

DESICCATION – Feb 25th, 2011
an entire collection of deep sea creatures is created using dried exotic plant matter gathered from Leu Gardens over a four year period.

MAGNIFIQUE – nov 20th, 2010
following the success of LUMINEUX, MAGNIFIQUE was created with even more magical movements, mushrooms and illuminations

sea of green – nov 5th, 2010
using little more than painted, discarded cardboard, the lake eustis museum of art is transformed into a virtual aquarium.

artist in residence – june 16th, 2010 – oct 23rd, 2011
doug rhodehamel tours central florida one resident at a time while living in a very modified cardboard box.

LUMINEUX – may 29th and 30th, 2010
a living, breathing, art installation and performance featuring magical movements, mushrooms & illuminations. performed at the 2010 orlando FRINGE festival.

surrounded 2 – nov 14th, 2009
i exhibit 4 bathyspheres along side a whole bunch of great work from about 30 or so local artists.  it’s also my birthday. i turn 41.

DEEP BLUE – july 31th, 2009
creepy, spooky, bitie and glowie. DEEP BLUE was loaded with many many many scary hand crafted fish of all sizes and shapes created completely from discarded cardboard (discardboard?).

migration 4 – june 4th, 2009
cows and cows and cows and cows and beans and wieners and music and stuff.

fostercows – 1986 to present
the ever so clever and funny to laugh at fostercows! designed by doug rhodehamel and dan lantz in 1986 while bored in mrs. foster’s geometry class.

LARVA – may 26th, 2009
one giant 30 foot inflated larva with of music of A sissor

a.thunderstorm – may 1st, 2009
installation featuring a large thundercloud made from miles of discarded cassette tape.

cocktails & cosmos – mar 21st, 2009
a collaboration with voci modern dance featuring jellyfish made from discarded items and large umbrellas as well as an installation of large paper fish.

night of a thousand jellyfish – feb 27th, 2009
1,000 jellyfish constructed from a variety of discarded and surplus items – water bottles, plastic containers and other parts and pieces.

mobiles by doug
the following is a collection of some of my favorite mobiles.

migration 3 – dec 8th, 2008
an installation of 41 found objects resembling running german folk pants. made from painted steel.

migration 2 – sep 5, 2008
the second in the migration series, this installation featured a collection of 2000 badger-like clay figurines and was sponsored by united arts of central florida.

anemone – aug 22, 2008
an inflatable landscape of undulating illuminated latex tendrils.

 red chair project – july 22, 2008
to help promote the red chair project, i transform a simple wooden chair into a mars rover

soap henge – apr 9, 2008
a representation of stonehenge made entirely of both family and personal sized soaps. part of a group exhibition for the grand opening of bay two.

ufo2 – oct 19th, 2007
one really big spinning ufo.

ufo1 – sep 6th, 2007
one big spinning ufo

migration – july 27th, 2007
4011 matchbook camels arranged in a massive miniature migration.

the unfortunate guppy – may 17th, 2007
a suspension of fish featuring one unfortunate guppy.

10,000 paper bag mushrooms- may 11th, 2007
10,000 paper bag mushrooms installed across the lawn of loch haven park to promote awareness for the support of art education. a giant thank you to everyone who helped plant them!

fungus of the stars – may 17th, 2007
a benefit featuring over 60 paper bag mushrooms creatively modified by orlando’s finest artists, musicians, politicians, writers and other noteworthy peeps.

40440 – sept 21st, 2006
40 mobiles for 40 bucks. and cheese…lots and lots of cheese

doug’s 25,000 mushroom – july 12th, 2006
one night – one doug – one very big mushroom

SWARM – apr 17th, 2006
a suspension of hundreds of greasy hand cut scary biting fish

beasties – dec 2nd, 2005
evil illustrations by doug rhodehamel followed by pickle juice people and their pets.

junque – sep 30th, 2005
a miniature sculpture garden featuring the works of frank gady, kim jones, rachel lloyd, megan paquette and doug rhodehamel.

BAMBOO – aug 9th, 2005
a entire bamboo forest constructed from paper towel and toilet paper tubes, coffee stirrers and 4,410 hand cut paper leaves.

octopus – june 7th, 2005
a collection of drawings featuring a large number of ink squirters. the prints were painted with wine and beet juice and coated in polyurethane.

cucumbers in bloom – apr 2nd, 2005
large drawings ranging from a couple ghost to a migration of turtles… painted with a wash of coffee and coated with polyurethane.

war pickles – mar 11th, 2005
large drawings ranging from a squid with glasses to a cluster of abe lincolns… painted with a wash of coffee and coated with polyurethane.

art for asia – feb 4th, 2005
a reflief effort for tsunami victims presented by brett bennett and doug rhodehamel.

design night – jan 16th, 2005
wine, cheese, art, furniture and a handful of artists displaying their work. i made mobiles.

colostomus – sept 27th, 2004
18 feet of styrofoam goodness! the entire structure was illuminated with 50 glowstick giving it a slight ghosty appearance.

a multitude of miniature mobiles – aug 16th, 2004
21 miniature mobiles were hung in the main room just days after hurricane charlie turned orlando into a massive salad. As most people were still without power during the first reception, a second one was held a couple weeks later… this time with working AC and beer coolers.

egg. – june 25, 2004
invented by kim jimenez – directed by doug rhodehamel – presented by babaghanoush. A collaborative effort by many many many local artists featuring all that is egg . Below are my egg sculptures and mobile from the show.

ting – july 18, 2004
mobiles, tintinbabulation, books and booze. a nice collection of chiming mobiles built from painted plastic and aluminum tubing.

mobiles 2 – july 25th, 2003
a nice bright collection of mobiles made from painted sheet plastic. dad bought a bunch of pizza and fed everyone.

local papers – jan 6th, 2003
handmade paper constructed with bits and pieces or what makes orlando…orlando.

mobiles 1 – sep 27th, 2002
a variety of mobiles from fishies to ufos. many became permanent fixtures of the store… for awhile.

deep sea 3D – july 1st, 2001
colorful paintings of spooky deep sea dwellers in fabulous 3D.

dangermobiles! – dec 3rd, 2001
art that hurts! mobiles that maim! killer kinetics and koffee. mobiles with a dangerous twist.

frankenshow – oct 4th, 2001
you will scream…you will laugh…you will drink coffee… gaze in horror at a collection of 13 of the most frankensteinist things ever assembled!

coat hanger stories – aug 10th, 2001
coat hanger stories consisted of a collection of mounted coat hangers found in parking lots, presumably once used to unlock cars. stories based on the experiences of the unknown coat hanger users were written by local writers jim crescitelli, liz langley, charles martin, steve schneider and vivien thorp.


June 28, 2015


SPORE Project Press Photos

February 1, 2014







SPORE Project

February 1, 2014

Welcome to the SPORE Project!

Turn your paper lunch bags into art and take part in the largest art installation in the world! Thousands and thousands and thousands of paper bag mushrooms are being planted around the world! Show your support for creativity and art education!

About the SPORE Project
How to make a mushroom
Now what?
• Mushroom plantings around the world!
World wide map of mushrooms
In the news…
The SPORE store
More about the SPORE Project

doug turns 45

October 14, 2013

on november 14th i will be turning 45.

here are 2 things i’ve wanted to do for awhile. if anyone out there can make either or both things happen i would be every so grateful and happy. i think i might have made this same request when i was 8, but i still would really enjoy it!

1. i’ve always wanted to ride around the block in a fire engine and play around with the siren and horn.

2. i’ve also always wanted to ride around in a tank.

2637170956_a4cde78265 abrams-122
a tank has tracks and a turret…

…not to be confused with an armored vehicle which are not tanks.

so there it is. doesn’t have to happen on my birthday, or even in november. just sometime. :)

The SPORE Project goes to Ukraine

April 26, 2013

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated or helped us to raise money for this project!

The SPORE Project is off to Ukraine to participate in summer camps for orphaned children. I am currently working in conjunction with a member from Hope4Orphans and Northland Church to help send a few volunteers to Ukraine on June 16th. Through several week long summer camps, they will be providing arts and crafts and paper bag mushrooms to hundreds of orphans.

Russian orphanage

Since 1999 I have been crafting and installing mushrooms made simply from paper lunch bags. It is a fun little project that shows how something can be made from nothing. The SPORE Project was created in 2005 to promote support for art in schools and to illustrate the importance of creativity in everyday life.

50,000th paper bag mushroom

March 28, 2013

mar 28th, 2013
exhibited at The Venue Orlando
orlando, fl

since 1999, i have been making and installing  mushrooms made from paper lunch lunch bags. on march 28, 2013 i built my 50,000th paper bag mushroom LIVE on stage…


> click here to see more photos <


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