doug rhodehamel (me) grew up in centerville ohio and is therefore a buckeye. he moved to orlando in 1993 and is the guy responsible of all those paper bag mushrooms. he also makes stuff. when he’s not doing that, he’s doing this:

hair through the ages
a collection of my hair styles going back to…oh awhile ago:

live in florida long enough and they’ll let anyone on a shuttle.

blimps and blimps and more blimps. if you know me well, then you know i love blimps.

for months and months and months i have been taking out the trash at stardust video & coffee. this is my 150th dumpster load. time to celebrate.

 cream cheese jesus miracle knife
come be one of the first to see the miracle relic of Stardust Video & Coffee!! the cream cheese jesus miracle knife will be on display for the first time ever!! you do not want to miss this!

9 Responses to About

  1. … hey we love poor people ….

    you and crispy bacon must have a great life…

    mona & the girls

    great blog…

  2. Angela Keller-Mullins says:

    Hey Doug,

    Teresa Keller- Faust’s big sis here,(Angela) you might be poor but you sure grew into a cutie.! I am going to share your site with an artist friend of mine. She has an art studio here in Springboro, called “The Green Lion” she is a retired art teacher and uses her studio to teach the locals more about art and appreciation. As an artist sometimes it feels like some people will never get it. She will absolutely love your stuff.
    Good Luck and best wishes for the future. Your exhibits are very impressive.

  3. Jennifer Legler says:

    I’ve been driving around Orlando and seeing these mushrooms and wondering for years what the significance might be. Then tonight I sat down to make a larger version for my daughter’s Wonderland birthday party. I googled, “mushroom paper bag” and here you are, (in all your spore glory). I have to say I am not only relieved to know the meaning (finally), but also inspired to continue your lovely little tradition. We will be doing neon mushrooms, of the Alice in Wonderland variety. Hopefully we will add a little color and excitement to Baldwin Park next weekend. Kudos!

    ~ Jenn

  4. We are headed to Lone Pine in the morning to plant some mushrooms in your honor!! we will take lots of pictures and look forward to seeing you when we get home! Making Australia more beautiful! xoxo

  5. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the mushrooms we got to paint at the Central Florida Zoo! My kids, nieces, mom, and I enjoyed it very much! It was one of the best parts of Party for the Planet! Loved it!

  6. Pat Teeter says:

    Love the Mushroom Project! My town of Niles, MI is going to have a mushroom making event at their Arts in Motion event this weekend. What a great idea! Also enjoyed looking at the other artsy stuff you’re doing. Good luck in the future! I’m sure there will be pictures from the event.

  7. Marcia Bilovecky says:

    I knew you were a phenominal artist when you created a snow serpent (dragon) or Loch Ness in your front yard in our neighborhood back in the boyhood day. Always and ever amazing.

    I remember you and the years of hair photos.

  8. diverse says:

    You completed a number of fine points there. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of folks will agree with your blog.

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