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April 11, 2012

september 11 2015

sep 12th – 13th   Maker Faire Orlando is back and bigger and better than ever! Over 300 exhibits this year! Come visit me! I’ll be upstairs on the 4th floor of the Orlando Science Center exhibiting my cardboard submarine, plunger cannon, protobots, rockets and 10th scale x-wing fighter in progress!


sep 17th-20th   after many, many, many, many years I am retiring my paper bag mushrooms with a planting of 1001 paper bag mushrooms on the lawn of The Dr. Phillips Center For Performing Arts. This planting is part of the inaugural event Art In Odd Places. This will be your last chance to see my mushrooms… at least for a long awhile.

Lastly, I’m building fifteen 10th scale ships from the Star Wars Universe from trash. I’m still collecting donations for the project and have a long way to go… in a galaxy far, far way. If you would like to help out, and I would LOVE it if you did, please click here! HELP DOUG thank you to everyone who has supported this project so far!! I really, really appreciate it!





june 29 2015

After a few years of prepping, measuring, praying, kicking and screaming… I’m about to begin on the most difficult, challenging and adventurous project in my life as an artist….




updated feb 4th 2015


Friday February 13, Doug Rhodehamel presents…

the Christening of Queen Bee

Come witness the unveiling of Doug Rhodehamel’s lastest creation. The Queen Bee is seven feet of highly detailed submarine goodness made from your garbage!

Stop by Honey Comb Hair & Makeup Studio 8pm – 10pm with 9pm Christening!

Wine and hors d’oeuvres

1807-B Winter Park Rd   Orlando, FL 32803




aug 18th 2014


September 13th and 14th the SPORE Project will be a participant in the Maker Faire Orlando and the Orlando Science Center! It’s like a giant show and tell for kids and adults…. http://www.makerfaireorlando.com/





april 1st 2014

for a couple dozen years i’ve been making and planting paper bag mushrooms as an awareness program to support creativity and art education. for the next two months i will be concentrating my efforts on getting the word out world wide!

whoever you are… wherever you are… be part of the largest art installation in the world! www.dougrhodehamel.com

please help spread the world!




november 16th 2013

i’ve begun to create small tribes of cardboard robots! dougbots was presented earlier this month in the gallery of stardust video & coffee. as of now… only 2 left for sale. i plan to create entire collections soon so get ready for some robots!

we are the robots…

speaking of cardboard, the daily city cardboard art festival is coming up soon! jan 23-26 at say it loud! i’ll be making stuff!


it been a big month or two for the SPORE Project
thanks to a few traveling friends, chad beachy, lynne etheridge and faith amon, we now have new plantings in the following countries:

czech republic

you can see all the new photos on the Spore Project facebook page.

speaking of mushrooms
this april i will be conducting a massive, world wide paper bag mushroom planting with schools and organizations around the globe.
get ready for a lot of emails from me!


one more thing…

i’ve mentioned her before and her she is again…

Liz Langley has made the front page of National Geographic for the 20th time!! as her science adviser and promoter, i’ve had a great time seeing this all happen! here is a link to most of her stories. read them! you’ll feel smarter and you will learn things you never could have imagined!

by the way, that fuzzy little thing is a bush dog. it’s amazingly cute and the topic of one of liz’s articles. now go read it!




september 27th 2013


orlando science center has partnered with orlando mini maker faire and will host the second annual event saturday october 5th.

as well as being a really, really cool event, i will officially unveil permanent installations on all four floors of the science center. many of my past creations have been brought out of storage and have found a new home at OSC.

the orlando mini maker faire is a community-organized, family-friendly celebration featuring local do-it-yourself science and technology, art, rockets, robots, crafts, music, hands-on-activities, and more. It’s a place where people show what they are making and share what they are learning

cost is regular general admission to OSC.
$19 for adults. Free to OSC Members.

more information can be found below…



My favorite science girl Liz Langley continues to make front page discoveries on National Geographic

Have a look!



mushrooms were planted in Unguja, Zanzibar by Tess Bonacchi and friends


september 9th 2013

It’s Stardust Video und Coffee’s 5th annual DUSTOBERFEST. Come EAT! DRINK! DANCE! DRINK! EAT! DRINK! DRINK! and listen to oompapa music until you’re sick of it! It’s a special day for all as we present our Quazi-Deutschlander shenanigans… brats, kraut, beer and lot’s of people running about in their lederhosen! It’s like Oktoberfest… but really, really lame.

too many parts fell off my car last week. cost too much to put it  back together. you’ve provided a decade of service. thank you for being a good car. i will miss you.      might need a lift now and then…

i’ve been blabbing all month about my friend liz langley, who now writes for the national geographic. i have always had an affinity for science and am having a great time working as her personal science advisor! i provided a lot of information for her latest story and had a blast! please read it and LIKE it and pass it on! the better her numbers, the more science i get to do!

> click here! <


august 29th 2013

my favorite smart person, Liz Langley, has written a THRID article for National Geographic! it’s already made the front page! read it and see if you can find my little contribution!

please LIKE it and tweet it and get smarter than you already are!

<click here>


august 20th 2013

first off, i’d like to say a great, big congratulations to my dear friend liz langley for being published TWICE in national geographic! here are links to her articles. read them!



next, i have the updated world map of mushroom plantings around the world! this month i was able to add ukraine and kazakhstan thanks to elizabeth klunk and chad beachy respectively.
if you would like to add to the plantings please let me know. there are plenty of countries that haven’t been
mushroomed and i’d like more green on the map!

click on map to enlarge.


lastly, i received an email yesterday from the UK.

Hello Spore Project… we spored and spread the mushroom love at
Just So Festival in the UK. People loved making the mushrooms.
– Thanks, team RF x

here’s what they did! pretty impressive!

hope you had a great summer. really looking forward to the fall! cheers!


july 1st 2013

to help promote the red chair project, artists throughout the orlando area transformed simple wooden chairs into works of art. i was commission to create a piece for the orlando science center in 2010, 2012 and again in 2013. i severely modified my chairs.



april 28th 2013

Russian orphanage
The SPORE PROJECT goes to Ukraine 

The SPORE Project is going to Ukraine to participate in summer camps for orphaned children.

You can help out by having fun…

Come to KIDS FRINGE and paint some mushrooms! The event spans two weekends.

May 18th – 19th  and  May 25th – 26th

10am to 4pm

Since 1999 I have been crafting and installing mushrooms made simply from paper lunch bags. It is a fun little project that shows how something can be made from nothing. The SPORE Project was created in 2005 to promote support for art in schools and to illustrate the importance of creativity in everyday life.

I am currently working in conjunction with a member from Hope4Orphans and Northland Church to help send a few volunteers to Ukraine and Russia this summer. Through several week long summer camps, they will be providing arts and crafts and paper bag mushrooms to hundreds of orphans.

Stop by the mushroom booth and say hi and help hundreds of kids who have literally nothing but your support and hope.


april 14th 2013

The SPORE PROJECT goes to Ukraine

The SPORE Project was created in 2005 to promote support for art in schools and to illustrate the importance of creativity in everyday life.
The SPORE Project is currently working in conjunction with a volunteer from Hope4Orphans and Northland Church this summer to help send a few volunteers to Ukraine and Russia. Through several week long summer camps, they will be providing arts and crafts and paper bag mushrooms to hundreds of orphans.

This Saturday at Lake Eola you can help and have fun at the Central Florida Earth Day 2013. We will have paper bag mushrooms for you to paint and take home for a donation.

Stop by the mushroom booth and say hi and help hundreds of kids who have literally nothing but your support and hope.


april 1st 2013


Since 1999, I have been making and installing  mushrooms made from paper lunch lunch bags. On March 28, 2013 I built my 50,000th paper bag mushroom LIVE on stage at The Venue in Orlando.

> click here to see photos <


September 25 2012

DUSTOBERFEST this sunday stardust video & coffee continues its quasi-traditional tradition! break out your finest lederhosen or dirdle and come on over for some lively, festive, whatever it is!


FRANKENSHOW – after 11 years in storage, the award winning Frankenshow is back with all your FrankenFavorites: Frankencork, Frankenpants, and the lovable, grotesque Frankenpuppet!

each work of art is created with the same technique used by Dr. Frankenstein, parts and pieces bolted or stitched together to form a single horrible unit.

frankenshow will also offer spooky drink specials along with it’s very own soundtrack. Frankenshow is guaranteed to creep you out and crack you up!

Opening reception at Stardust Video & Coffee
Friday October 5th from 7 pm to 11 pm.

you will scream…you will laugh…you will drink coffee… AGAIN


THE QUEEN AND I ….a dopey comedy about a grumpy witch that will make you very happy this Halloween season!

The Wicked Queen thought she’d have a regular day of abusing her servants and enjoying human sacrifices when to her horror someone turns up in her magic mirror she didn’t expect. A wicked good comedy about love, power and lots and lots of Febreze (blood stinks….yeah yeah)


* Elizabeth Murff *
* Addison Taylor *
* Josh Eads-Brown *Directed by Rob WardScript by Liz LangleySet design by Doug Rhodehamel
Set design & stage manager Catherine GoodisonSATURDAYS October 6 – 27
Tickets $12 in advance; $15 at the doorAvailable only at WWW.WANZIEPRESENTS.COMFootlight Theatre at Parliament House
410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, OrlandoSee you there!

STAR WARS Where Science Meet Imagination – october 13th. the orlando science center unveils lots and lots and lots of original star wars ships, droids, costumes, lightsabers and more! i’ve been lucky enough to be one of the few people handling this. actual pieces from the movies. oh my god.


KARAOKE FOR SWINGERS – Calling all Foxes…It’s time for KARAOKE FOR SWINGERS! with Dick and Constance Swinger! Get on the FUNK TRAIN and DIG IT!!

70s Karaoke hosted by Liz Langley and Sam Singhaus. Extra groovy, extra funky!



August 26 2012

yeeeeeeeaaay! finally!! mushrooms in japan! i’ve been waiting awhile for this one and thank you Charlotte Vernhes for making it happen!!

while we are on the topic of mushrooms, here is the new SPORE Project map of paper bag mushroom plantings throughout the world. i’m still missing a lot of countries, so if you can contribute, please let me know!

i built some paper plate ufos for alchemy salon a couple months ago. they were lit up last weekend at their Hot in the City party. looked really cool.
> click here to see more. <


august 23rd 2012

for all you dr. who fans… i’ve taken part in some orlando beautification project and what is more beautiful than a tardis?  i’ve transformed the traffic box on the corner of corrine and east winter park road (corner by stardust video and coffee) into everyone’s favorite time and relative dimensions in space. there. now go get your picture taken with it.

as a follow up from last month’s Sui-Slide, i presented the best of the broken bones, bruises and bangs received from the 100 foot homemade slip n slide. it’s on display at stardust video & coffee till the end of the month so go see it!

the hills are alive with the sound of mushrooms! okay wrong country, but thank you meredith for planting a crop of paper bag mushroom in switzerland!


july 21st 2012

lot’s of fun this summer so far… 

PROTOBOT an impromptu set of robosketches at stardust video & coffee. still a few left if you want ’em!

– 2nd annual 4th of July Sui-slide! I can’t take credit for this, but it was fun!

CUSS YEAH! a Wes Anderson tribute and costume party, I made the props which included a mini sub and 16 foot jaguar shark.

i modified another chair for the Orlando Science Center for the red chair project last week. i call him Chairosaurus. He’s fully articulated, red and cute.

and thank you Josh Nye for planting a nice bunch of paper bag mushrooms in Tallinn, Estonia!


april 12th 2012

it’s always great to wake up to a message like this one:

We loved your project. Our small town of 2300 proudly displayed 1000 spores over Easter during our towns Y-Fest celebrations.
We had them spread out throughout our town where festival events and popular locations were. – Warracknabeal, Australia

3 more things to add for this post…

• an infestation – doug rhodehamel and les jarvela create a peep show showcasing floating glowing mess of ghost-like entities for rob reedy’s birthday.
• click here to see more 

20′ mobile for the orlando science center – one extra large mobile built completely from discarded cardboard on permanent display of the orlando science center.
• click here to see more 

• the brood – an installation at inyo pools headquarters of 100 or so large, fish made from discarded parts and pieces. i rented the tallest ladder in the world to do the job.
• click here to see more


january 21st 2012

– here is a sneak peek of a 20 foot mobile i’m building for the orlando science center. the entire mobile is constructed from sheets of discarded cardboard layered and glued together to form a kind of recycled plywood.

– it’s really pretty cool to have a book dedicated to me! Liz Lanley’s “Crazy Little Thing” is in book stores across the nation. grab yourself a copy and read it. you’ll be very glad you did!
> click!

– maitland art center’s ‘culture & cocktails featured my latest installation, BLUMP… part jellyfish, part blimp, part glowing, part large, completely wonderful.
> click here for more photos


november 17th 2011

mushrooms in graceland!!! thank you susan adams, lisa bates, and, of course, the king.

now that BACON! The Experience is over, i have a little bit of time. i’m volunteering at Leu Gardens as a specialist. i created a bog garden with 100 or so bug eating plants.


october 25th 2011

BACON! The Experience – Photos

• click here to see them

Artist In Residence
after 494 days of calling a cardboard box home. i’m packing it up.
• click here for more information 


august 22nd 2011 – a few things for august…


Month after month after month I have been stuffing the dumpster of Stardust Video & Coffee with your leftovers, parts, pieces and aftermaths. On Wednesday, August 24th, I will fill the dumpster for my 150th time and that’s probable cause for an event.
> click for more info < 

AQUAPODICA – This underwater installation has occurred 3 times this summer and I’ve just added the latest round of photos:
> click here to see some jellyfish < 

Artist In Residence – STILL sleeping in a cardboard box.
> here are the updates < 

Sea of Green – The 3rd and final installation at Alchemy Salon went quite well. Photos have been added..
> click here to see them < 

BACON! The Experience – the date has been moved to Oct 15th 2001
> click for more information < 

SPORE Project – As of August 22nd 2011 the official paper bag mushroom planting count so far is:
7 continents
18 countries
117 cities
196 plantings
42,936 mushrooms planted
> see all the mushrooms so far <


august 2nd 2011

Doug Rhodehamel presents:

OCTOBER 15TH, 2011 • 7pm – 11pm

sponsored by BAKON VODKA

A celebration of the most magical food ever invented!
BACON! THE EXPERIENCE will tickle, tantalize and overload every one of your bacon sensory organs.

• Witness Doug Rhodehamel’s artistic interpretation of his favorite of foods!
• Taste the many bacons served!
• Drink the most amazing drinks from BAKON VODKA
• And there’s more… we’ll let you be surprised!

If you love BACON, and I know you do…   We’ll just see you there.

5.00 suggestion donation gets you in.

Much will be the smell of bacon.


july 20 2011

AQUAPODICA – coming to a pool near you! (well if you live in orlando)
• click here for more information


june 17 2011

1. what’s new? not this.
 i built this awhile ago and lost the  photos. found them! this is a chair i modified for The Red Chair Project.
• this is what it would look like on mars.

2. artist in residence – i have been living in my cardboard house for one year today. i don’t know if that is a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing. i’ve moved around 51 times and it’s been an experience for sure. thank you to everyone who had me over! here it all is so far.
• artist in residence

3. mushrooms at Walt Disney World – 600 mushrooms make up a nice big Mickey Mouse head.

4. MUSHROOMS ACROSS AMERICA – i’ve got plantings in 19 out of 50 states so far. still need quite a few. delaware, wyoming, iowa, kentucky…. see the map of plantings more information if you’d like to participate…
• click here


may 10 2011

MUSHROOMS IN ANTARCTICA!!! I’m so so so happy!!! I now have mushrooms in all 7 continents!!
• click here to see more

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE  – finally got some time to update this section. There is a lot. Hope you have time to read. I know you don’t.
Artist in Residence updates

UPCOMING SHOW – May 20th – ‘ONE’ – a commemorative group show featuring 15 artists in celebration of TWELVE21 GALLERY’S first anniversary. I’ll have a few robot facades for sale.
 • Click here for more information

BLIMPS! – for a couple decades I have be chasing down and photographing blimps. I know it’s really dorky, but here is my collection of photographs… all part of what makes Doug… Doug.


apr 8th 2011 – alchemy salon

my fishies have found their 3rd and final space at alchemy in college park. if you drive by at night, this is what you’ll see….


mar 21st 2001

thanks again to faith amon for planting another crop of mushrooms! this time in sierra leone! it’s about time west africa had some doug over there.


mar 18th 2011

DESICCATION was very well received! thank you to everyone who was there!
• slide show of the exhibit

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE is still going………
i have been sleeping in a box for 274 days. getting a bit tired of this.
• see where i’ve been

i am currently installing SEA OF GREEN for it’s finally stop at alchemy in college park. more on that later…

i built some mini wind turbines for Parenting Magazine and got a couple cover shots out of it. have a look…

and of course, most of you know i had to cancel BACON: THE EXPERIENCE. i didn’t know how attached i was to this project. i feel very odd about this… as if a best friend moved away. oh bacon.

luckily my baby, the SPORE Project is still going strong. just added madrid, michigan and a bunch more in australia. i’m not sure why, but i have a whole lot of fans down under.

6 continents
16 countries
68 cities
126 plantings
14,461 mushrooms
• have a look at all the mushrooms throughout the world so far…


nov 9th 2010 – a few updates:

nov 20th at the mennello museum of american art:

As dusk falls, the audience for “Magnifique! A Voci Dance Glowing Fairy Fundraiser” gathers beneath Orlando’s oldest oak tree for an evening walking tour of the grounds of the Mennello Musuem of Art.
• click here for more information!

photos from Sea of Green:
• click here and see the fish!

new updates to Artist In Residence:
• click here to see the new spots

updates to the SPORE Project: Croatia, Wisconsin, University of Florida, University of Oregon and Victoria Australia
mushroom pics!


sep 24th 2010 – things i found, did and coming up:

– Some of my stuff documented by fellow Orlando artist and friend
Thomas Thorspecken

– Mushrooms in New Orleans – Came across this over the weekend. Thanks Izzz!
• The H Agency

– New updates to
Artist in Residence:

– September 23rd I pass 100 days living in a box!

Sea of Green coming Nov 5th


aug 30th 2010 – feeling a little bit narcissistic today.

Also: new updates to Artist in Residence:

• Millicent Part II
• Morgan’s Residence
• Rhodehamel Ranch


aug 25th 2010 – School and Art supply drive for Haiti at Stardust
………..Click here for more information


aug 24th 2010 – new updates to SPORE Project:

new SPORE Project stats:

6 continents
14 countries
61 cities
118 plantings
12,903 mushrooms

Mushrooms in Mozambique!

Thank you Faith, David, Courtney, Eve, and Camille!


aug 16th 2010 – new updates to SPORE Project:

Two new Countries! South Africa and Greece.

FINALLY! Thanks to Faith Amon, we now have a planting in the continent of Africa! Still need some in Antarctica if anyone is knows anyone there…
• Cape Town Mushrooms

And thank you Lauren Othon for planting some in Greece!
• Greek Mushrooms


aug 15th 2010 – new updates to Artist in Residence:

• Chad, Dani and Stephanie’s Place
• Annie and Daniela’s Residence
• Brian and Yochi’s Residence
• Chad’s Flag
• Chesley’s Castle