Liz’s: July 22nd-July 24th

July 22, 2011


Liz Langley is and has been my very best friend in the world since the mid nineties. She is an award winning writer and columnist and has a book coming out mid November that I think all of you need to read. Liz and I have been through a whole lot together and have shared tons of fun and dumb adventures along the way. She is house sitting for a few days, so I am taking over her place and watching some nerd-like shows on the tv.

Let’s take some time to plug Liz’s book. Here is the cover of her book and here is where you can pre-order it…
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It’s been quite and busy, but there’s not much else to report. I’ve watched a lot of Mythbusters and Discover Channel and am now returning to the loud of the office of Audubon Park Garden District.

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