Annie & Danelia’s 2: May 17th- June 11th

May 16, 2011


The girls are away in South America for awhile so I’m watching the house and the dog. There is some girl named Libbie here too. Don’t know if she is staying here or what. I think so, but we have opposite schedules and I don’t ever see her. I’ll try to get some photographic evidence. Hey! My doorknob is missing from my door. Hopefully it fell off in my car… unless… Libbie took it. Damn you Libbie!!!

Oh! Found her! And I found my door knob in my car… Libby didn’t take it after all.

Ah!!! Thievery!! My precious butt wiping paper!!

It’s back! My toilet paper is back and it would appear somebody else beside me has had a job in the hotel industry! Nice point.

So now I am done. It has been a zainy time. I don’t use the word zainy all that much. Thanks to my Mississippian roommate for keeping me company! Where am I going now?

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