Annie & Danelia’s 2: Apr 3rd-Apr 21st

April 3, 2011


I’m at Annie & Danelia’s just done the street from Stardust. I’ve managed to squish my house into the spare room and all is well.

It’s always a nice to wake up to someone making you eggs! Danelia, who won’t let me take her photo because she is too pretty made me some eggs.

The girls have finals coming up so I rarely get to do anything with them. Here I am very late at night coming home from work. I look very tired. Annie does not. Nice shirt Annie!

Stella, who you met last summer, is the house dog and loves to be around everyone. Here she is being watchful from her perch on the porch.

Here she is trying to run away from Annie.

We are a Honda family. Annie just bought a new Accord and we now each have one from the last 3 decades. The girls are going nuts with their finals so… I think I will get out of their way.

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