Lloyd Residence: Feb 29th-Mar 3rd

March 1, 2011


I’ll be house sitting for Rachel and Shawn for about a week starting… now. Rachel!! I’ve known Rachel for quite awhile. She is one of my most favorite people in this world. Back in the days when I had a real house I used to hang out at Sportstown Billiards. She was a waitress there with a sweet disposition and a very foul mouth. We became great friends almost immediately. I think that was almost a decade ago. She does a lot of ceramic work now and we frequently hang out and play with clay. We are currently working together on a project, but it is secret, so I won’t tell you what it is. Shawn is cool too, but not very good with clay.

This is Walter. He is their huge dog, part German Shepherd and part other big dog. German Shepherds are my favorite dogs so that makes Walter extra cool.

I didn’t really do much here. My last show really took a lot out of me so it was really nice to just take it easy and stare at the walls for awhile. I left them with a mustard colored bewilderbeast Thanks guys!

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