Cris’s Residence: Dec 12th-Dec 19th

December 12, 2010


Cris I’ve only known a couple months. She’s a real sweetie and very down to Earth. She’s all into marketing and making stuff happen and has a wonderful fun little daughter named Emerson. Em is away for the week so I’m set up in her room. They both refer to their home as the Cuddle House. That sounds good to me as I just came from the ice house. This sounds warmer. It is.

I met Cris through my other past roommate, Chris. She was looking for someone to build a cardboard tree for her daughter. I just happened to be that person. It makes the living room look rather cool I think.

Because of my tree making abilities I was greeted with homemade cookies! Nice way to start out! Ate them pretty quickly.

I also had my own Christmas tree! Made everything that much cozier!

In the morning Cris made me eggs and toast! I loves eggs. She was supposed to be in this photo but is camera shy. I think she might be too pretty or something. Nevertheless… no photos please.

The next morning Cris made garlic eggs with spinach! I think I shall stay here! Sigh… I cannot. It’s off to the next place soon.

I made a pair of creamsickle colored animals for the household. I think they will fit in quite nicely. Thanks kids!

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