House of Chris: Nov 28th-Dec 6th

November 28, 2010


Chris Rank, I’ve known him for years. Haven’t seen him for awhile and when I did, he lost so much weight, I had no idea who he was until this month. Plus he had a really big beard. He looks entirely different now. I should add that he’s really good friends with Agi, but I’m sure everyone figured that by now. Chris is a computer dood and photographer and has the biggest loudest laugh I’ve ever heard. The laugh of a Viking I think.

This is Chris. The first night I was there we had a really amazing salad. I forgot what was in it, but it was good. Of course, work got really busy for him that week and I didn’t see him at all.

Insert copious amounts of profanity here. It was one of those mornings when I really really really really really really really didn’t want to have a flat tire.

What made everything even more fun was the fact that my trunk was completely packed full of crap as I am basically living out of my car. I spilled a gallon of purple paint in the trunk last year and that leaked onto my spare. PRETTY!!!

The day got worse from there. I cancelled everything, went to Stardust Video & Coffee and had 2 pints of St. Bernardus… the whiskey of beer. And wore these sunglasses. And took my picture. And all was well. It’s amazing how booze can fix so many bad times.

I could just say I made Chris a tan animal, or tanimal, but I’m going to call this color Nougat… just like the inside of a 3 Musketeers bar.

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