Jessica’s Place: Nov 15th-Nov 20th

November 15, 2010


Jessica! aka bunni, is one of the sweetest and craftiest girls I know.  I’ve known her for a little while and really enjoy her creations. If I’m ever in the position to hire assistant, she’ll definitely be it. She has a great personal touch to everything she does.

See? I love this!

Oh and now I have a new little decoration for my house. Little red bird. cheep cheep!

and a magical paper wind chime! ting ting!

One side of my house is bare so we thought it would be a good idea to cut out some pictures from magazines and glue them on to create a cool graphic whatever.

Here is Jessica Bunni with some of the pictures we decided to use. We are ever so clever and crafty.

Jessica is the only girl I know who can make rockets. That makes her super cool in my book. I decided she should wear it as a hat for this photo. I think red wine had something to do with it.

Afterwards I took her to see “Snow” a dance and very large puppetry performance by Macabre Vignettes & Voci Dance from the 6th Annual Orlando Puppet Festival. Twas much fun!

As I depart little Jessica’s little place I leave her with a large, plum colored fellow to guard her home and keep her safe. See you soon Miss Bunni!

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