Todd’s 2: Nov 7th-Nov 14th

November 7, 2010


Back at Todd’s again and it’s my birthday week. What am I, 42 now? Yep. I’m noticing my house is showing a bit of wear and tear. Hopefully it will hold up awhile longer. Hopefully I will as well. I’ve got a bunch of friends who all happen to be Scorpios and there will be a large and stupid party for sure.

Yes there was a party. And everyone is lucky I didn’t take any photos. The party went late late late. Because of this I was one of the few people who showed up for my birthday brunch this morning. My best friend Liz Langley and I have back to back birthdays. There was a leftover birthday quiche which we made into our birthday cake. My family and a few friends where at brunch, I think they have all the photos. Mom brought a cake and balloons, Dad gave me Legos (I’m perpetually 8 years old… I live in a cardboard fort for godssake!!) and my sister brought the babies who couldn’t wait to help eat cake. Need to get those photos. Going back to bed.

My friend Tess created a new little addition to my house! It’s a little chandelier made with tiny little people hanging from fishing wire. It will hang in my house and give me good luck i think. Thank you Tess!

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