Jesse’s Residence: Oct 20th-24th

October 20, 2010


Jesse’s Residence! Jesse is yet another friend i met through Agi. What would I do without Agi? Jesse is a hair stylist and works right next to where I work. We’re almost coworkers. He has one of the best houses with lots and lots and lots of stylish knick knacks and patty wacks. He is a whole lot of fun and great to hang out with.

Here is one of his creations… an entire chair covered in hand stitched teddy bear skins! Poor bears? No!! They like to be all together like that and the chair is super comfortable… like sitting on a bunch of teddy bears!

And here’s his little dog Grandpa! Doesn’t he look real? Jesse wove him by hand from thousands of strands of human hair! He even barks and poops on the floor. (the dog, not Jesse.)

Just around the corner is this! A rather nice view of Orlando! Perhaps I’ll make this into a postcard later. Probably not.

Here’s Jesse pretending he hates everyone. He doesn’t actually hate everyone… just most people.

Yep. Very, very angry Jesse. Doesn’t like anyone or anything in the world…

…except for Agi! How could you not! ¬†Look how happy Jesse is! What a dashing smile… or maybe he’s just gassy?

As colorful a person Jesse is, his favorite color is grey. Grey he likes, grey he gets. Thank you Mr. Jesse for a really fun and weird time at your abode. Keep on Truckin.

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