Olson Residence: Sep 27th-Oct 12th

October 27, 2010


I moved into the back guest house of the Olson Family. Terry Olson is a long time friend as well as the Director for Orange County Arts and Culture. He has been extremely supportive of my work especially with the paper bag mushrooms. I met his entire family and dog and everyone seemed to like my little house a lot. I had some extra time a couple mornings and extended the vine-like whatever it is pattern on the outside of my house.

Terry is the guy responsible for Orange County’s purchase and ¬†installation of my two largest mobiles in 2007.

The coolest thing about the Olson place is this massive 2 story tree house! It’s just about every kid’s and probably many adult’s dream! Look at this thing! It’s almost as cool as my house.

Although I was a the Olson’s for almost 3 weeks, I almost didn’t see them at all. We have opposite scheduals. Orange County had an art exhibit downtown and I think this was the only time I actually got to see Terry.

Okay actually Molly also popped by early in the morning to see what I was up to so technically I was visited by the Olsons.

My intern and friend Jessica flew in from way up North for a visit. Haven’t seen her in awhile and it is always a delight when she is around. Jessica you should move back to Orlando. I miss you.

After a few weeks it was time for me to head to my next place. I left the Olsons with a little mini migration installation of matchstick camels…

…as well as a small heard of grey blue animals. Thank you Olson family!!! Loved having my own little house for awhile!