Bennett Revisit: Sep 23rd – Sep 26th

September 23, 2010


I am back at the Bennett Residence once again helping my favorite Hungarian, Agi, housesit for a few days. It is also my 100th day in a box and I am happy to be in such good company. We planned on have a big dinner with wine and everything to celebrate…

…but poor Agi had a long day of school and a physics test and this was what was left of her at the end of the day. Oh well!

I’m not sure if it was the full moon or if Agi accidently fed the dogs coffee beans instead of dog food, but these dogs were up ALL DAMN NIGHT! Here’s what I woke up to at 4am.

Agi’s car got rear ended, she was fine, but her car not so much. This put a little bit of a damper on our playtime together.

That night I came home to find the two dogs guarding my house… I hoped. Unless they were playing a joke on me and couldn’t wait for me to go inside.

In the early morning I woke up to Sasha staring at me through one of the left windows…

…and Zoe staring at me from the right. Jeeze guys! Was I snoring too loud? What are you doing?

The next morning Agi and I finally got to hang out a bit. We had coffee and tried to figure out life… we didn’t. Then we took a walk through Leu Gardens where Agi discovered a leaf that was bigger than she was.

Agi requested a giant red animal. I figured since she had such a bad week I’d make her one. This is Big Red and he stands about 3 feet tall, almost big enough for Agi to ride. Now she is a happy Hungarian.

Brett also requested an entire herd of animals to walk along the top of the bar. Good thing I have some extra time.