Louise’s Residence: Sep 21st-Sep 23rd

September 21, 2010


I left the ranch and am now at my pal Louise’s place. Louise is a graphic designer and good friend of mine. I don’t remember how or where we met, but we’re friends nevertheless. She’s always fun to be with and wears her hair in pigtails which I like very much.

Here is Louise wearing pigtails and a cat as a moustache.

Louise lives in Orlando’s famed Pink Apartments. Here she is in front of her place a few month ago after we installed a bunch of pink mushrooms.

This is her cat Boba, I’m guessing named after Boba Fett as Louise is a huge Star Wars fan. Boba is a good cat and has never tried to bite me.

As I was dismantling the house Louise’s boyfriend and his daughter Callie popped in from dinner to draw pictures on the front of the house and pretend to live there.

I left Louise with much thanks and a little pink animal to match her apartment. Thank you Louise! Hopefully I wasn’t to noisy of a roommate! I know I wasn’t as I am very polite and considerate.