Morgan’s Residence: Aug 21st-Aug 29th

August 21, 2010


I am now at Morgan Kennedy-Watts place! I met Morgan a long while back during the time I ran an art house/gallery called BABAGANOUSH with a couple friends. Morgan is a blast, has a gigantic smile and wonderful to be around. Her apartment is small, so I set up in the kitchen…

Hmm… should I be scared? Come play with us Dougy… forever, and ever, and ever…

Morgan and I have opposite schedules so she is asleep when I get home and gone when I wake up. Tonight AB is asleep on the couch. See? If I was simply couch surfing I wouldn’t have any place to sleep tonight. Good old cardboard house.

Morgan has a son named Orion. He is here for the weekend and likes to wake up at 6am. He really likes my house so he makes sure I’m awake so he can play in it. Sleep is for the weak.

I haven’t really see Morgan at all this week so I make sure to get a shot of her hullahooping. Is that a word? Google time… oh it’s two words… Hulla Hooping. Anyway, she is really good at it and can do all kinds of fancy pants tricks.

Orion loves the color orange so orange is what he gets! It’s been a swell time. I must now pack up and venture to my next place.