Annie & Daniela’s Residence: Aug 4th-Aug 7th

August 4, 2010


I met Annie and Daniela a little over a year ago at Stardust Video & Coffee. They had just moved in down the street and said they would be here a lot studying for school. Annie, the Ohioan has already been featured a few times in previous postings. Daniela is a beautiful chicka from Veneuela. They put me in the tiny room which used to be Agi’s room when she lived there. Agi is small and could fit there fine I reckon. I couldn’t get close enough to the house to get a good shot and had to shoot multiple shots and layer them. That’s why the photo looks so wonky… if anyone cares. Which they do not. So I’ll shut up now.

Stella! Daniela’s good little dog. She was there to help out with everything.

Ohio State shirt number 1. I promised Annie I would wear all of my Ohio State shirts while I was there. She is a Huge OSU fan.

Because of booze, the first night ended up being a late one. For dinner Annie made MorningStar Vegi Buffalo Wings. They sorta looked like Buffalo wings. They sorta tasted like Buffalo wings. Didn’t matter.

Day two, bloody mary’s and Ohio State shirt number 2

Our friend Pascal dropped by for dinner. Annie made dinner… mushroom tortellini and slice zucchini. Pascal, you look really scary in this photo.

Daniela didn’t want to be in the photos for some reason, this is the only shot I got of her. She left on a cruise the next morning.

The next night I came home to a bunch of giggling coming from inside my house. My house had become infested with girls. I’ll have to have it sprayed.

For dinner Annie made stir fry and mash potatoes. Really liked it and ate everyone’s leftovers. Agi was around and made a forest of broccoli in her mash potatoes. She looks like a very surprised muppet.

Ohio State shirt number 3.

Agi took off all her clothes and starting laughing uncontrollably. Maybe. Okay not really. She ran down the street somewhere and Annie and I watch most of the Three Amigos. Probably the best movie ever.

I don’t remember… did we get married at some point?

Saturday morning and it’s time for me to leave. Annie is not happy about this and gives me her best sad face.

Teal for you since you are a fan of the color. Thank you so much for feeding me and hanging around with me and I had a really great time. I hope to come back soon. I’ll be around to kill more flies for you too.

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