Bennett Residence: July 23rd-July 25th

July 23, 2010


My next stop is the Bennett Residence. Brett and Katherine are the owners of Stardust Video & Coffee and are out of town. The house and dogs are being watched by fellow favorite Hungarian coworker, Agi. She suggests I set up my house and stay there too. “Vee vill haf sooo much fun and vill make food and vine!” How can I say no?! I can’t.

She is right, vee had so much fun! The first night, another friend, Annie, who is not Hungarian, she’s actually Ohioan like myself, came over and we made steaks, potatoes, asparagus and drank vine. Twas very nice to sit and talk and not have to doing anything other than cook, eat, drink, talk and laugh.

Agi snags the best chair after dinner.

My head is exactly twice the size as both of theirs. My head is like a moon.

We love Agi so much and prove it to her by crushing her ribs and forcing all the air out of her lungs.

The next morning, we got called into work at 6:00am. I say we, because my car is being worked on and I didn’t want to be stuck at the house all day… so I went into work too. We ended up working a double and then did it again the next day. This is the only smile Agi could muster today. I think we still had fun away.

I left the Bennett’s with another bathroom blue animal for their home. It matches the one at Stardust.

I also made an animal thingie for Agi for being such a fun and wonderful hostess. Thanks Agi! I will miss you a bunch and will see you at Verk! I think I am now stuck with a quazi-Hungarian accent for awhile.

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