Stardust Video & Coffee: July 22nd

July 22, 2010


Happy Housewarming at Stardust Video & Coffee! I set up my little dwelling, had a bunch of people over and spent a night at the world famous Stardust Video & Coffee. This is the most unique and wonderful place in the Orlando area to be. I drank a lot of screwdrivers and played a lot of music by one of my  all time favorties Vince Guaraldi (the guy who wrote all the Charlie Brown music).  I got lot’s of nice little housewarming gifts and let people sign and draw on the house just to say they were there.

Here’s my pal Nicolle finishing a tour of my house. I think she liked it the most.

Jim Crescitelli was on hand with Tina in hand to explore my home as well. I was super glad he brought Tina along. She is a beloved inside joke that always makes me laugh a bunch.

Oh Tina. What an odd and gassy doll you are. Thanks for stopping by.

I was blessed with a visit from my favorite local Hungarian and Ohioan, Agi and Annie. They wrote naughty words on my house.

There are many other photos I’m waiting on, but here’s one of Melanie and I with a rather fun and scary gift for me… a glow in the dark Ouija Board! We tried so hard to open all kinds of portals to Hell and back, but we were too tired and filled with party beverages. It looked really cool though. Thanks Mel!

Thomas Thorspecken was there capturing the moment through sketching and watercolors. Really loved the way this turned out. He is the most prolific artist I know, sketching events in Orlando every day. You should see more of his stuff right here >click!

Oh… so I only got like 3 hours of sleep as Stardust opens at 7am. Here’s a picture of me faking a smile minutes after I woke up. I think I may have slept on my face. Nicolle and Agi made sure I had enough coffee and breakfast. Thanks girls.

In return I left a little animal painted with the same paint that colors the bathrooms of Stardust. I left it up in the rafters to add to all the nick nacks and patty wacks which makes this place so perfect. I love working here.

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