Jennifer’s Residence: July 17th-July 18th

July 17, 2010


Jen’s House! I’m only here for a couple days. Jen O’Malley has a really great house and she is fun to be around. She is also an artistical type so we get to talk about cool ideas and complain about everything else. She has a cool cat named Oscar who is pretty chill for a feline. I’ve known Jen for awhile, but I don’t think we’ve ever really hung out until this weekend. She likes Vietnamese food, my favorite, so that instantly makes her really cool.

Another thing that makes her cool is she can make stuff… so, of course, I put her to work painting my trim and helping build flower boxes.

Finished trim and new window boxes. Oh if only I had some flowers for them.

Oh good! Jen knows how to make paper flowers! You can kinda see them in this photo, but Oscar is hogging the photo. More flower photos soon.

The Golden Knob. I think this should be a movie. No.. not that kind of movie. Jen figured the house was looking really great, so great it needed a gold painted door knob. Now the house has one. I think it will be the treasure in the next Indiana Jones movie. If they make one. And please don’t screw it up this time.

Jen is also a photographer. Here she is standing on top of her couch photographing what is I’m sure and award winning photo of my house.

And here is the finished house. I really like the colors a whole lot. Maybe when I grow up I’ll have a bigger house with the same colors. Jen said she will make breakfast tomorrow. I hope she does. Don’t forget Jen!!!

It’s late at night. Jen and I decided it would be a good idea to tell ghost stories in my house. Jen’s stories are not very scary so we make some shadow puppets on the wall.

Here is a rabbit shadow puppet… or Jen might be trying to claw her way out of the house.

The next morning I am treated to duck eggs with onions, sausage, spinach and cheese and maybe peppers. I am elated. The eggs are awesome!

Then Jen made some paper flowers for my flower boxes. They’re cool looking and made from pages from magazines.

Jen likes green so I made her some green Jenanimals. I really really liked staying with her. Twas very relaxing and had a nice time chatting about life and food and art and whatever. Thank you Jen for taking care of me!

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