Meredith’s Residence: June 20th-27th

June 20, 2010


Meredith Larson is a mom and student at Valencia. I’ve known her awhile and we hang out at all the same haunts. She has four cats and they are all afraid of me. Perhaps they can sense evil…which is odd, ’cause I’m not evil.

Meredith went on a cruise for a week and I stayed at her house and watched her 4 cats. Since cats like to get into anything and everything, I had to make some quick additions to the house..

Screens. I put some window screens in. Cats can’t pass through.

And a door knob. I used a couple Patron® corks and some paint sticks from Home Depot® to create a knob and latch to lock the door. Cat’s can’t get it. I’m a bit allergic to cats otherwise they would be welcome.

Green roof! Kat and I painted my roof lime green. Kat is allowed in the house because she is a kat with a K. I’m not allergic to her. She is also a ballerina who loves to paint.

Here she is again. I’m not sure how she is standing that way. Oh yeah. She’s a ballerina. Thank you Kat! 🙂

Thank you to my crafty friend Chelsey Hyatt for my first housewarming present!

I made Meredith some lime green animal looking thingies for her house.

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