Faith’s Residence: June 17th-19th

June 17, 2010


So yes, this is where I spent the first 3 days after about a week of designing and constructing my new home. Normally I could build something like this in half a day, but it also had to fold up and fit in my car. It does. Right now it is little more than a large box with a door and some windows. Speaking of boxes, I totally scored a huge box from next door today as the neighbors where having their water heater replaced. I used that to build the front and back of the house.

Faith Amon is a sweet friend of mine who demanded I be her first stop in all this craziness. She is tiny and fun and more than smart. She is a huge Gator’s Fan. This is what she does… Frecklefoot Creative She also has an awesome pool which is good for swimming.

Here are a few more photos from Faith… She’s also a photographer:

Me running around the house like an idiot:

Hanging out with a lamp.

I made her some violet animal looking thingies for her house.

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