June 16, 2010

Artist In Residence
a survival technique by Doug Rhodehamel

June 16th, 2010

Coming off of two very large endeavors – the SPORE Project and LUMINEUX, my art habit has once again exhausted my finances and resources. and, once again… I’m teetering on the brink of homelessness. This time I’ve decided to have a bit more fun with it.

I’ve always wanted to build my own house. Now I’m finally doing it… sort of. Using my new favorite building material, discardboard (discarded cardboard) I’ve designed and constructed my very own house. It’s small, folds up and fits in my car. Why you ask? So I can bring it to you!

Couch surfing is what I would usually do in my situation, but i’ve done that too many times and I’m bored with it.  For the next several..however long, I will be setting up my house inside other houses like yours and become your very own personal artist in residence. What does an artist in residence do? They make you art! I will be constructing little discardboard bewilderbeasts for your home and you even get to pick the color! I just need a spot in your house to set up my 6′ x 3′ home.

It can be for a weekend, a week or however long. I’ll even set it up and house sit for you while you’re away. AND you’ll look like a Mr. or Mrs. Big Shot when you tell your friends you have your own Artist in Residence. Not only will it be an odd and interesting experience for the both of us, but you’ll get your own little animals constructed just for you! I’ll also be keeping an online diary with photos and highlights of my life as Doug-In-A-Box so you can follow the evolution and additions to the house. I imagine I’m going to start off simply sleeping in a box and will modify it into something wonderful as time goes on. I’ll probably need some help decorating too.

Those interested in housing me can contact me at dougrhodehamel@yahoo.com

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