Lamy Residence: Aug 15th-Aug 20th


I have known Joe and Jenny Lamy for years and years before they were even dating. We were neighbors back when I lived in a real house. Now they are married with a kid and a large house. I’m staying in it while they are out of town.

They have a nice big old house with lots of little oddities. I was really hoping it would be haunted, but it’s not. It’s a cool place though. I spend most of my days working on my next installation.. BACON! The Experience. I usually get home late and watch Monty Python’s Flying Circus. They have the entire box set. I’m so happy!

In the guest bathroom there is a chart showing how to use the bathroom. I’m assuming it is for Joe. It’s very informative, however. I wish I had more, but the week has flown by already. I’m heading back to the studio to work on some more bacon stuff. Thank you Lamy’s for letting me hang out here and watch your television!

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