Audubon Park Garden District HQ: July 8th-July 21st


My automobile is away on vacation being worked on for a week or so and I have taken up residency in the office of the Audubon Park Garden District Headquarters.

Kat & Noah run this place and were kind enough to take me in. It’s a bit noisy first thing in the morning when all the traffic starts up and the delivery trucks unload everywhere, but it is very,very,very convenient… Right across the street from work. Now I won’t have to find rides home very late at night.

I’ve got a bit of space here and am working on my next installation AQUAPODICA. It’s a nighttime, underwater, swim through exhibit consisting of hundreds of glowing jellyfish made from water bottles, plastic and glow sticks. Twill be amazing I’m thinkin’. Here’s a sneak peek…

Cool huh? I’ve got 7 pools lined up for the summer, should be a lot of fun!

Oh good. Some creepie 3 foot dolls. They make trying to sleep here even more challenging. Each morning when I wake up, the dolls are somewhere else in the office. Awesome. Now I have a pair of haunted dolls to worry about.

Big Daddy’s is next door. It’s a bar. It’s a karaoke bar. Last night some time after 2 a.m. a couple girls, drunkity drunk drunk girls, decided to sing “Desperato” out front as loud as they could. I had been asleep for a couple hours and there really is no insulation in these walls. They might have well been inside this building. Maybe they were. I think I was willing them to die right there. A handful of hours later a city garbage truck driver was shouting to his friend about how much he loved crawfish. This went on awhile, reminded me of Bubba telling Forest Gump how much he loved shrimp. Like I said, at least this place is extremely conveinient and it gives me something to write about.

It’s hard enough sleeping with all the noise outside, but what really makes it’s difficult are this damn creepy dolls shuffling about all night. Speaking of being up all night, I was up all night barfing. Unlike most people, I hate barfing. It’s what I did all Tuesday night into the late morning. Something I drank? Something I ate? I don’t know. It’s gone now and so is my day.

Well it has been a swell time hanging out here, but it’s time to move along. Thank you Kat and thank you Noah! I’ll be seeing you both real soon anyway. I leave you with a pair of rusty, red bewilderbeasts to go along with your rusty, red floor. I’m off to Big Daddy’s to sing me some Desperato.

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