Todd V: Mar 4th-Mar 26th


Back at Todd Barczak’s again. This is my 5th time here so maybe I should give him an award of some kind. Things aren’t so busy now so I can kinda enjoy stuff… nerdy stuff. Really, really nerdy stuff…

…like MEGACON 2011! Todd and Miriam and I met up at the Orange County Convention Center and saw lots of great and wonderful nerd stuff. Here’s Todd pointing at a large model of a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Miriam loves droids almost as much as I do. By the way, that’s how she always dresses.

This is what happens when they eventually find out you entered Megacon without paying.

We also started Nerd Nite, a weekly gathering of just us. We watch a bunch of Sci-Fi and more Sci-Fi because we like it. We also ate chinese food. It’s fun here.

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