Edward Residence: Feb 13th-Feb 28th


Devin and Krystal Edwards! They own a few properties and they actually used to live in this one. Right now it is vacant. I’ll be staying here for a bit. It’s a great little house, I used to do their gardening when they lived in it. As there is no tenant, there is no electricity and the nights are cold. I’ve got extra blankets so I’m fine. Devin is building some box frames for me for me next show. More on that soon. It’s kind of fun being in an old empty house like this, even without power. Hey, at least the toilet works.

Jeeze!! I planted this vine a few years ago. Now it is eating the house.

This is what the flower looks like. It’s called a passion vine if anyone cares. Does anyone care? Is anyone even reading this? I’m thinking probably not.

My time here was crazy busy because of my newest show DESICCATION. Have a look. Devin made the box frames. Thanks again Devin!

DESICCATION – by Doug Rhodehamel

A pair of dark reds for team Edwards. I believe these will look fine in their house. Thank you a ton for all your help and hospitality! I’m off!

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One Response to Edward Residence: Feb 13th-Feb 28th

  1. Susan says:

    This is one of my favorite vines, especially the red variety. Unfortunately they don’t winter over here in Mississippi but, with luck, will sometimes reseed themselves.

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