Mike & Gabby’s: New Years Eve


Happy New Year! Every year Mike and Gabby have a New Years Dress Up Party. I set my house up for the night so I wouldn’t have to be driving anywhere. Not that I really worry about my driving abilities, I just don’t want to be on the road with a bunch of crazies. This is also really convenient for me! I set up in a spare room and the house fit with a couple inches to spare. The only thing I’m worried about is some drunk idiot finding and passing out in my house before I do. I shant let this happen!! Mike and Gabbatha are a couple of way cool peeps that I met in the Stardust area. Like them a lot and am really glad I get to spend my first part of 2011 here.

They set up a photo booth every year and here’s me and my pal Crystal on the eve of the New Year. I had to borrow one of Mike’s suits… mine, uh.. shrank. Yep, pants didn’t even come close to fitting. My shirts and ties are in the very back of storage and I didn’t feel like digging for them, so I modified my outfit a bit to look a little more fatherly.

This is Tess and I at last year’s party. I just like the photo. So we all ended up doing a pretty good job ringing in 2011 and nobody ended up passing out in my house… except me. Happy New Year!

A pair of dark maroonies goes to Mike and Gabby! I thank you both for letting me bring in the new year with you and I’ll see you around!

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