Rhodehamel Ranch: Aug 30th – Sep 20th


Howdy partner! Welcome to  the Rhodehamel Ranch! I’ll be spending the next 3 weeks at my parents house while they are housesitting my brother’s house in Colorado. I’ve know my parents just over 41 years or so and they’ve been probably the best parents anyone could ask for. They just moved into this house a couple months ago. It’s not really a ranch, but it is one story and sits next to a farm so It kinda feels like one. While they are away I will use this time to work on my next shows. I reckon I’m going to be very busy and very lonely.

Doe!! A deer!! A female deer!! And she’s eating Mom’s flowers! This is the first time in my life I had to shoe away a deer. I should hop the barbed wire fence and see what else is back there…

A big hole in the ground! Whoever would make such a large hole?

A large gopher tortoise, that’s who! This guy (or maybe girl) is bigger than a football and lives in a burrow behind the house. They are great diggers. The average burrow is 30 feet deep. Dang!

And here is a prickly pear cactus. They grow all around back here and the tortoise like to eat them.

AHHHHH!!!! A SKELETON!! Ewww a dead cow. I bet this place was smelling real great. I wonder what killed this cow.

Was it YOU Mr. Butterfly?!!* Oh nobody suspects the butterfly!! I don’t like the looks of you!! I’m staying away from this area… don’t want to become the butterfly’s next victim.

* This butterfly is actually a female. I thought it would sound more threatening as a male butterfly. This is also known as a Palemedes Swallowtail. I know my butterflies.

One really cool thing about this house is that is only about a half mile from Disney property. This means you can pretty much watch fireworks from the backyard every night! I made it my nightly routine to do just that.

I’ve been here for almost 3 weeks and finally got some visitors! My sister Deb brought the babies who, of course, loved the house and played in it the entire time. The house survived just fine.

Late this evening there was a parade of a dozen or so wild turkeys. It’s kinda like living next to a zoo.

Oh! Ah! A zebra swallowtail! I haven’t seen one of these for a couple decades!

My parents had this house built a few months ago. In Orlando, just about every new subdivision is clogged full of tan and off tan and dark tan and light tan houses. Boring. The nice thing about this neighborhood is the fact that all the houses here are actually colorfully painted in blues, greens, reds, yellow with colorful trim as well. For some reason, my parents chose… tan, with a light tan trim. I figured since I’m here awhile I’d brighten it up a bit. I can’t wait till they get home to their new bright pink house!

Oh oh! Someone ate Dad’s bamboo plant! Bad cow!! Bad cow!! Someone’s gonna be mad when they get home.

Well my three weeks are finally up. It’s been pretty lonely out here, but I got a lot of work done on my upcoming projects and shows. What are they? You’ll have to wait. It’s a secret. I made a nice big baby blue animal for the parental’s house, I’m sure it will fit right in with their decor. Thanks Mom and Dad!


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