Chelsey’s Castle: Aug 13th-Aug 15th


Chelsey’s Castle! Well not exactly. She is house sitting in a big old house and I am helping. Well not exactly. I know Chels from a mutual friend. Chelsey is also the one who made my “Home is where the House is” thing as well as my drapery. We are supposed to finish the drapes so we can hang them but, she just started a new job and we now have opposite schedules. Probably not going to see her much.

Here is the house at night. Just it case you were wondering what it looked like. Not very exciting. The next morning, however, was exciting! I attended the Star Wars Celebration V and completely nerded out!
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This is the pool I didn’t get to swim in.

Chelsey likes purple a lot so I made her a grape colored animal. Not a very eventful stay and I don’t even know who’s house this was. But I’m out now and off to the next place… wherever that will be. Going to Stardust for brunch first. Thank you and see you soon Chelsey!

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