Brian and Yochi’s Residence: Aug 7th-Aug 12th


Brian and Yochi are on a cruise… why does it seem like everyone is going on cruises? So they are on a cruise and I am watching their house. Brian used to be my boss at the Orlando Science Center when I worked there awhile back. Yochi is an old friend of mine, used to be my roomate and guitarist for the girl punk band “Jeanie and the Tits”.  They bought this house not too long ago. It’s really nice and has lots of cool little oddities about it. I set up in the bar/den area.

Speaking of cool things… I’ll be using this a lot.

Sleeping here is a little creepy. There’s all kinds of scary things hanging on the wall like this.

…and this. What the hell is that?!! I can’t sleep with this starring at me!!!  There is a small door behind the laundry room. At night I hear noises from behind it. I don’t like this. There is a handful of sequins on the floor. Had they been there before? I don’t know.

I told the girls across the street about my spooky night so came over and we hung out by the pool. Somehow this made up for the scary night before.

The second night I woke up to more sounds… piano… singing… coming from the back room. There was a silk scarf on the floor. Had it been there before? I don’t know. I propped open the door and set up my camera to see if I could capture anything. I did.

The images freaked me out a bit. I ran outside and spent the night on a raft in the pool. I figured ghosts can’t swim and I would be safe there.

I was still pretty upset the next morning, so the girls next door brought their friends over and tried to cheer me up. Somehow it worked. I still had one more night left and I decided I was going to figure out who or what was waking me up at night.

I set up the camera and waited. And waited. And then…

Oh Man!! The ghost of Liberace! Or someone doing an awesome impression of him. I should have known! Well that explains all the sequins and gloves and furs and glitter and capes and boots and tiaras I keep find laying around. I fall asleep to the sweet tunes of Liberace and dream of simpler times, times when men could wear sequins, gloves, furs, glitter, capes, boots and tiaras. Good night sweet prince!

Okay. Seriously. Enough of the piano. Enough of the singing. How many pillows and beer bottles do I need to throw at your ghostly ass!!!! I haven’t slept in 3 days!! STOP!!

Brian and Yochi come back from their cruise. Yochi looks gassy in every photo I have of her. It’s a bit awkward to do the whole “Welcome back from your vacation, by the way, in case you didn’t already know, your house is haunted by the ghost of Liberace” thing. I think I’ll wait till they get a bit settled in and then tell them.

I haven’t made any yellow animals yet, so I reckon yellow is what this house will end up with. Thanks kids! I had a scary and weird time!

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