Leslie’s Residence: July 19th-July 20th


Leslie Williams you are crazy! Not in a cuckoo clock kinda way, but in the wacky, unpredictable, oddly entertaining way. I’m at Leslie’s house for a couple days. I have actually known a lot of people who have lived in and out of this house. It’s a great place and is one of the only places I know in orlando that has a basement. I’ve known Leslie for awhile and we have worked on a few projects and events together. She does a lot of weird fun artwork and has quite some talent.

I come home from a late night of meetings and hanging out to find a small, late dinner party underway. I do my best to catch my 2nd wind. It works for awhile. Rhae and Jeannie draw pictures on my house…

…while we listen to the music from my old TV favorite, Cosmos as well as Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam – an odd combo of records, but it works. It is late and I am literally falling asleep on the floor so I crawl into mi casa and finally get some sleep at around 5am.

Three and a half hours later, there is a banging on the door. The landlord is here with a new refrigerator and forgot to tell anyone. Now were up again.

One nice thing about this house is that it is located directly across the street from one of my favorite places in the world, Leu Gardens. I have a view of the back of the gardens from my window.

Leslie makes us some beans and rice with an egg on top. It’s so good and a really nice surprise. I love this job.

Leslie threatens me with a bottle of sriracha. Looks rather insane in this photo.

We have some time to kill so I walk across the street to the gardens for an hour or so an come back to this. DAMN YOU KIDS AND YOU’RE ROCK AND/OR ROLL!!!

For Halloween, Miss Leslie dressed up as Brak from Space Ghost. She showed me a photo to prove how awesome her costume was simultaneously winning many many cool points with me.

Like I said before, this is one of the few houses in Orlando I know of that has a basement… and this one is creepy and awkward.  It’s actually more of a very large crawl space.

Leslie happened to have a late night ice cold watermelon handy which won her more bonus points.

The next morning, she made some kind of pancake thing with guava sauce and cream cheese, watermelon slices and hibiscus tea. Kinda wish I didn’t have to leave. Have some more points* Leslie!

*Bonus points may only be used in the Orlando area. They are non-exchangeable and my not be redeemed for cash. Bonus point prizes will be determine solely by Doug Rhodehamel and will more than likely be in the form of some sort of adult beverage containing vodka.

I built a small tribe of bright purples for Miss Leslie. I hope they are kind to your cat. Thanks again for everything you nutty, nutty girl.

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2 Responses to Leslie’s Residence: July 19th-July 20th

  1. Leslie(Lesley?) says:

    i like that you cannot decide how to spell my name.
    i guess i’ll forgive you seeing as it took my great grandma 11 years to get it right.

  2. jimmyboi2 says:

    Hello! And how are you doing? Tina misses you ! Let’s get together and smash her face into some pizza !!

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