Artist In Residence

Artist In Residence
a survival technique by Doug Rhodehamel

• Overview
• Faith’s Residence
• Meredith’s Residence
• Michelle’s Residence
• Millicent’s Residence
• Rachelle’s Residence
• Jennifer’s Residence
• Leslie’s Residence
• Stardust Video & Coffee
• Bennett Residence
• Chad, Dani and Stephanie’s Place
• Annie and Daniela’s Residence
• Brian and Yochi’s Residence
• Chad’s Flag
• Chesley’s Castle
• Millicent Part II
• Morgan’s Residence
• Rhodehamel Ranch
• Louise’s Residence
• Bennett Revisted
• Olson Residence
• Millicent3
• Evan’s Place
• Jesse’s Residence
• Millicent’s Again
• Todd’s House
• Parental Units
• Todd’s 2
• Jessica’s Residence
• Bennett’s 3
• House of Chris
• Makenna & Sara’s
• Cris’s Residence
• Todd part 3
• Makenna & Sara again
• Faith’s Residence
• Mike & Gabby’s Place
• Todd’s again
• Cris part 2
• Plotkin’s Place
 Cris’s Residence 3
• Edwards Residence
• Lloyd Residence
• Todd V
• Ann’s House
• Annie & Daniela 2
• Millicent V
• Todd 6
• Ann 2
• Annie and Daniela 3 
• Evan 2
• Todd 7
• Audubon Park
• Liz’s 
• Audubon Park 2
• Ann again
• Audubon Park 3 

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11 Responses to Artist In Residence

  1. Mia says:

    I would love to help u decorate! If I move to FL I will need an artist in residence. I’ll think of hosewarming gift. Best wishes. I’ve wanted a cardboard house since I saw one on Sesame st. I also want a teepee. Next project!?

  2. saqaflorida says:

    What a wonderful idea, Doug. It’s great to be so creative – you certainly entertain and enlighten all of us lucky enough to share in your projects. I hope you find many great homes over the next few months and that along the way, something happens to create more permantant housing.

  3. Sarah says:

    I think this is wonderful!!! I wish you every success! Were I still the rulemaker under my roof I’d invite you right over! Sadly I am not – but I will follow your journey and I hope you have a fantastic adventure!

  4. Faith Amon says:

    I was so honored to be the first house to house Doug’s house…. He’s a good roomate for those who do consider letting him in, he even waters plants and such.

    If you are lucky like Kat he’ll let you influence his house design and decoration… I tried to convince him to paint it Orange and Blue… but obviously he didn’t go for it.

  5. jimmyboi2 says:

    After our cousins leave in the Autumn, maybe you can set up residence here at Autumn Court !

  6. lisa says:

    …you tickle me!!!…

  7. Genevieve says:

    I love me some Kat and some Doug!

  8. casey says:

    bring your house to portland. i miss you. also that dog has the cutest doggie eyes ive ever seen.

  9. Jan says:

    Come and visit Apopka! Its nice and quiet here. Kids are in Utah this month. I’ll make you breakfast!

  10. jimmyboi2 says:

    Tina wants to know if you can rent her a room. Nothing too spacious– a shoebox will do. Or a cigar box. And she’ll need LOTS of Tums.

  11. Joseph Hayes says:

    Very funny idea … and interesting that all of your hosts have been really cute …

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