Millicent’s Residence: July 5th-July 12th


Now I’m at Millicent Hawkins’s house. I’ve known her for awhile and she is one of my favorite people in the world! She works for Darden Restaurants doing business stuff and is an expert in Piñata. I love her house, she just bought it a month ago after moving back to Orlando. Nice to have you back! I’ll be doing some additions to my house here soon.

This is what I have been waking up to every morning. Then for the rest of the day I want to do is run around through Home Depot. Time to change this.

…and so I did. Now a have a red room. redrum? hmm.. wasn’t there a red room in the Amityville Horror? Great.

Here’s Milli knocking on the door to see if I’m home. I’m not.

She finally figured out the door knob and snuck in.

So somehow I forgot it was Millicent’s birthday. What a wonderful friend I am. Knowing that she loves pinatas… I made her an EBP  (emergency birthday pinata) from parts and pieces from Stardust Video & Coffee.

Ooops. Never try to touch Millicent’s pinata.

I had a few visitor’s today! Alena and her little Rowan…

…and Refmann showed up too and demanded to be in the photo.

Row is cute and refused to leave. Here she is after locking me out.

Orange gananimals for millicent.  Hey! had a really great time. Love her house and love hanging out with her. We still haven’t broken up the pinata, But i’m sure we will soon. it’s full of candy and booze. It’s only a matter of time. We didn’t get into too much trouble this week.. a little bit.

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