Michelle’s Residence: June 28th-July 4th


Michelle McDonough is a new friend of mine. I met her a last year, and we just started hanging out not too long ago. She is in communications or something for Sears, I forget really. She is fun to talk to and really easy going. She has a great little house and a cool wiener dog named Wadsworth. He likes to help me with every little thing i do and enjoys barking at nothing for no reason.. like a dog.

Here is Wadsworth hanging out in my house. He immediately moved right in along with all his toys. The interior is nothing to brag about. I’l be working on that soon.

You probably noticed from one of the previous photos, my house is now blue. Once again my ballerina friend Kat helped with some exterior painting to blue up my little home.

…and, of course, Kat must take time to practice.

…which means now I gotta work? Fine. I can paint for 5 minutes.

To celebrate the new blueness of my house, Michelle stopped into with two baby Patrons® and a wiener dog.  We toasted and all was well!

To show how much of a diehard fan she can be, she even had her toes painted to match the house. Dang!!

I in turn made a small herd of animals to match her toes.

All in all it was a really good week. We ate sushi and pizza, two foods I had been craving for awhile and practiced drinking screwdrivers. We watched ‘Superbad’ which was Supergood and ‘New Moon’ which was Superbad. Thanks Michelle! I had a great time!

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