wish list…

the month of may is a little more than half way over.

i have put together a little SPORE Project wish list for anyone who has the capacity of causing any of them come to fruition.

1. mushroom or mushrooms in Antarctica. I know it’s cold, but it’s never been done.

2. mushroom in Africa. It’s the biggest continent, I should have at least one!

3. and how about South America, need some in there.

4. Russia? anyone got any connections in Russia? Need mushrooms there.

5. somebody please go mushroom Centerville High School.

6. Can anyone please get some B-list celebraties in on this? It would so impact their carreer.

7. Underwater? Anyone have a waterproof camera?

8. Surprise me.

9. YOU!!! Up the space shuttle!!! I know you are reading this! Make me a mushroom and send me a photo.

10. Mushrooms at the White House! Nothing would be more American

11. Hawaii would be nice.

12. So would Japan.

13. Troops over seas? Make me a mushroom.

14. How about someplace really weird.

15. If you haven’t made a mushroom and sent me a photo, how about you do that? easy breezie.

That will do for now.



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• world wide map of mushrooms
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