Now what?

Okay, after you have planted your mushrooms, simply take a digital photo from your camera or phone or whatever you are using and send it to…


1.  your name or group’s name
2.  your city and state
3.  your country
4.  how many mushrooms you made

I will then post your photo and information on this site along with a world map, so we can see how much of the world we’ve covered with mushrooms!

You can also LIKE the SPORE project page on facebook and drop your photo and info there. I’ll take care of the rest!

So why is this being done? Imagine a world without creativity. What would you have? I’ll tell you…NOTHING!! There would be no music, art, movies, toys, space travel, robots, dancing… pretty much anything that makes you smile would be gone. It’s very important to have creativity in our lives. Please help keep it going!

About the SPORE Project
How to make a mushroom
Now what?
Mushroom plantings around the world!
World wide map of mushrooms
In the news…
The SPORE store
More about the SPORE Project


2 Responses to Now what?

  1. Ruth Bode says:

    Hi Doug, I have just discovered your great project and hope we are not too late to participate. I am a teacher at a small school in Australia and love the Spore concept. We will send a picture of our mushrooms when they are completed.

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