kids! and big kids! and adults who still brown bag their lunch! and adults who don’t bag their lunch, but like to make stuff! yes! you! even if you don’t think you can make anything, you can make paper bag mushrooms! i promise! start saving your bags! they make great mushrooms. parents! teachers! educators! this is a perfect project for you! it costs almost nothing and is basically made from trash. there is a McDonald’s in every part of the world, they have bags! ask for some! i’ve been saving mine. you can also get a pack of lunch bags of lunch bags from your grocery store. they’re cheap!

so what exactly is going on here? you have the opportunity to be part of the largest art installation in the world! during the month of May 2010, i am asking everyone who has an interest in supporting art and creativity to create and plant some paper bag mushrooms. you can make a couple or a few or several thousand if you want to. paint them or do whatever, be creative! have fun!

• huh?
• about the SPORE Project
• history of SPORE Project
• how to make a mushroom
• now what?
• past examples
• how you can help
• the future
• spore store
• dear NASA...
• mushrooms at the Olympics!
other doug stuff

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