How to make a mushroom

Get your classroom or group of friends, co-workers, relatives or inmates together and make a bunch of mushrooms! Make as many as you can. then plant them in your school yard, your lawn, your friend’s lawn, a neighborhood park … wherever people will see them.

I’ve provided a short instructional video…CLICK HERE

…as well as step by step instructions below.

Here’s what you will need:
· Paper lunch bags
· Bamboo skewers (the kind used for shish kabobs)
· Small rubber bands (found at office supply stores or beauty shops)
· Glue sticks
· Hot melt glue gun


Okay, first take a bag and open it up.


Next squeeze the bag in the middle with one hand…


…then using the other hand “pop” the top down to make a mushroom cap. be sure not to pop it too hard or it will pop for real and ruin the bag.


Okay, now take a bamboo skewer and place it up through the stem of the mushroom with the pointed side out. BE VERY CAREFUL. THE SKEWERS ARE VERY POINTY AND SHARP!


Squeeze the lower part of the bag into a stem shape. DON’T TWIST IT, just squish it.


Grab the neck of the mushroom with one hand and flatten the top with your other hand. Rotate your mushroom a bit while doing this. This will take practice.


Once that step is completed, push the corners of the bag inward. this gives the mushroom a more rounded appearance. If not your mushroom will have square corners and no one likes a square cornered mushroom.


Alright. Now using your thumbs and forefingers, pinch and rotate the underside of the mushroom cap. This gives it a better mushroom shape.


Now put one rubber band all the way to the top of the stem. Easy right?


hen place another rubber band toward the bottom of the stem. these rubber bands keep the mushroom from bulging out if they get wet or rained on. ( note: if rubber bands are not available, you can use masking tape. )


Next open the bottom of the mushroom a little bit and squirt a drop of hot melt glue into the base of the stem. Make sure the  comes in contact with the bamboo skewer and the paper. ( note: you can also use white glue, but it will take longer to dry and will not withstand rain.)


Pinch the bottom of the mushroom to squish the glue to the paper and skewer. without the glue, your mushrooms will fly off the stick in a gust of wind. HEY! HOT MELT GLUE IS HOT. IT WILL HURT IF YOU GET IT ON YOU. I SHOULD KNOW. ASK HELP FROM AN ADULT IF YOU NEED IT.


Your mushroom is now complete. Yeeay!! Carefully place it into the ground. Now make few hundred more. What else were you going to do with your day anyway? Make a bunch. You can put them in a pattern or make a natural looking crop of mushrooms. You can paint them or do whatever you want. Think like a mushroom and  have fun okay?

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2 Responses to How to make a mushroom

  1. taylor says:

    This is all too intriguing. I’d be thrilled to have lots more info! Thanks!

  2. michelle says:

    this is fantastic! thanks for the demo!

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