dear NASA,

to the men and women of NASA,

i have developed a paper bag mushroom suitable for space travel. it’s small, compact and deploys in seconds. i request the mushroom be floated and photographed in the crew compartment of the Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 mission in May 2010.

i have provided an overly dramatic video of it’s unfurling. please click below:

VIDEO: a space mushroom

• huh?
• about the SPORE Project
• history of SPORE Project
• how to make a mushroom
• now what?
• past examples
• how you can help
• the future
• spore store
• dear NASA...
• mushrooms at the Olympics!
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2 Responses to dear NASA,

  1. Doug….this is an interesting idea and I may have a way to make it happen. I don’t think we’ll get a mushroom with your website on it, but maybe just the mushroom unlabeled.

    I will be in touch….

  2. Paper bag idea sounds wortwhile

    lloyd Plotkin nasa

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